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Let’s Study 2 Corinthians (Derek Prime)

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When Paul arrived, Corinth was prospering as 'the fourth largest city in the roman empire, a commercial bridge between East and West. It had two harbors – one on the Aegean and the other on the Adriatic Sea. Situated at such an important cross- roads of the ancient world, it became notorious for its sexual vice and immorality. the description of Gentile sin in Romans 1:18-32 fits Corinth exactly.'

Paul preached the gospel there in the early 50’s, stayed for eighteen months, and established a church there.

2 Corinthians – 'Paul's most autobiographical letter, in which he opens his heart more than in any other'-shows the 'privileges and pressures of pastoral work'. It also contains 'unique passages about perseverance under trials, the nature of Christian service, evangelism and giving.'


Accessible: Each volume in the Let’s Study series mines the Scriptures to get to the root of the text, but is written in an approachable and friendly, tone, making them an excellent resource for the layperson.

Practical: The warm, pastoral explanation of the text is coupled with concise, practical, helpful application.

Designed for group study: Each volume in the Let’s Study series includes a Group Study Guide in the back of the book to help facilitate discussion—an excellent tool for leading family worship or small groups.


‘The whole unfolding Let’s Study series is a must for every Christian home that is serious about getting to know the Word.’ — COVENANTER WITNESS

Table of Contents



1 God at the Center (1:1–2) 1

2 Some of God’s Purposes in Suffering (1:3–11) 5

3 Paul’s Change of Plans – A Matter of Integrity? (1:12–2:4) 11

4 Church Discipline and the Forgiveness of the Sinner (2:5–11) 18

5 The Letters God Writes (2:12–3:6) 25

6 The Glory of the New Covenant (3:7–18) 33

7 Why We Do Not Give Up (4:1–18) 41

8 Our Heavenly Dwelling (5:1–10) 50

9 Continuance in the Task of Evangelism (5:11–21) 56

10 Honoring the Ministry of the New Covenant (6:1–13) 62

11 In the World But Not of It (6:14–7:1) 69

12 Trying to Put the Record Straight (7:2–16) 77

13 Grace and Generosity (8:1–15) 82

14 The Purpose of the Visit to Corinth of Titus and His Companions (8:16–9:5) 86

15 Giving: Principles to Remember and Blessings Promised (9:6–15) 91

16 Paul’s Defense of His Ministry (10:1–18) 96

17 Honest Talk about Dangers (11:1–15) 104

18 Boasting and Its Perils (11:16–33) 113

19 Paul’s Vision and His Thorn (12:1–13) 119

20 Preparing the Ground for a Third Visit (12:14–13:14) 126



Product Details

Title: Let’s Study 2 Corinthians  

Author: Derek Prime

Publisher: Banner of Truth

Pages: 164

Binding: Paperback

Size: 21.5 x 13.7 x 1.2 cm

ISBN: 9780851517797

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