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The Intercession of Christ: Christ, A Complete (John Bunyan)

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The Intercession of Christ: Christ, A Complete (John Bunyan) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


Biographical Introduction by William S. Barker. Bunyan wrote extensively on topical theological and practical matters, issues that faced the church in his time, which face us still. The Intercession of Christ is one of these works. In it Bunyan traces the nature of Jesus' intercession, who it should affect, the benefits it gives us and how effective that intercession is. Bunyan is also keen to show the interferences of the doctrine on such subjects as backsliding, how Christ's intervention is affected when we continue to sin, and there sins of God's people worse than the sins of others.

Sample Chapter

The Intercession of Christ: Christ, A Complete Saviour

Table of Contents

Biographical Introduction 9

 1 The Intercession of Christ Explained 17

 What Is His Intercession? 18

 What Does He Ask For? 19

 ‘Bring Them Home’ 19

 ‘Cleanse Them and Keep Them’ 19

 ‘Give Them More Grace’ 20

 ‘Preserve Them’ 21

 What Does Christ’s Intercession Infer? 23

 Saints Sin 23

 We Need a Mediator 24

 We Need a Blameless Intercessor 25

 Christ Answers All Accusations Against Us 26

 Believers Should not Rest at the Cross for Comfort 27

 2 Benefi ts of Christ’s Intercession 29

 What Does the Apostle Mean by ‘Save’?  29

 Justifi cation 30

 Preservation 31

 What Does it Mean to Save to the Uttermost? 36

 Persons Far from Christ 36

 Things that Make Coming Hard 36

 Why ‘Able’? 40

 All-suffi cient Merit 40

 Infi nite Power 41

 3 Some Important Inferences 43

 Justifi cation Will Stand with Imperfection 43

 The Justifi ed Are Still Sinners 44

 Imperfect in Graces 45

 Imperfect in Duties 48

 Satan Does not Give Up 49

 He Does not Know Who Are Elect 50

 He Wants to Defi le and Affl ict the Church 50

 The Danger of Self-suffi ciency 50

 God Hates the Sin of His People 51

 Christ Begins and Completes Our Salvation 52

 All Glory to Jesus 54

 Saints Need Christ to the End 55

 4 The Persons Interested in Christ’s Intercession 57

 Not Those Who Come Their Own Way 57

 To God, but not to Christ 57

 To Christ, but not to God by Him 58

 Those Who Come as God Intends 60

 Newly Awakened 62

 The Returning Backslider 76

 The Upright Believer 80

 5 Conclusions Touching These Persons 85

 He Is no Fool that Comes to God by Christ 85

 He Believes There Is a World to Come 88

 Faith Is Strong and Forcible 88

 Those Who Turn from Christ Have no Faith 90

The World to Come is Better 91

 Most Men Are Mad 93

 How God Determines Our End 95

 6 Unfailing Effi cacy of Christ’s Intercession 99

 An Unshakeable Covenant 100

Confirmed by an Oath 103

Grounded in the Life of Christ 104

 A Life Laid Down and Taken Again 105

 Our Intercessor Has the Final Word 107

Grounded Upon His Merits 109

 7 Lessons Taught By This Part 113

 Our Souls Are in a Deplorable Condition 113

 Satan Does not Want to Lose Us 114

 Christ’s Love Never Wearies 115

 Christ Will Save Many 116

 Honour Christ by Believing 117

 Worthy Is the Lamb 118

 8 The Use: Concluding Exhortations 119

 Study the Priestly Offi ce of Christ 119

 Apply This Truth to Yourself and Others 121

Product Details

Title: The Intercession of Christ: Christ, A Complete Saviour

Author: John Bunyan

Publisher: Christian Heritage

Pages: 128

Binding: Paperback

Size: 19.8 x 13.0 x 1.0 cm

ISBN: 9781845505448

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