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What Is A Confessional Church? (Boon-Sing Poh)

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A confessional church holds to one of the historic confessions of faith that arose, either directly or indirectly, from the Reformation of the 16th century. Among the growing number of individuals and churches that claim to hold to one, or more, of the historic confessions of faith are those who waver in their commitment to those documents.

This book is intended primarily to help those who are attractedto the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith, or who already claim adherence to it. Brethren in other denominations will find some of the material relevant and helpful. The first chapter gives a brief outline of the characteristics of a Reformed Baptist Church. The second chapter sketches the origin of the 1689 Confession. The third chapter argues for the legitimacy of using a confession of faith. The fourth chapter shows the difference between strict subscriptionism and loose subscriptionism and , therefore, the difference between true confessionalism and nominal confessionalism. The fifth chapter shows what are involved in holding to the spirit of 'semper reformanda' while holding firmly to the 1689 Confession. The second part of the book consists of the 1689 confession in modern English.

Table of Contents



1  Who are the Reformed Baptists?

1.1  History

1.2  Distinctives

1.3  Relationship with Others

1.4  Recommended Reading

2  History of The 1689 Confession

2.1  Events Leading to The Reformation

2.2  The Spread of Reformed Theology

2.3  Implications

2.4  Recommended Reading

3  The Legitimacy of Using The Confession of Faith

3.1  Definitions

3.2  Legitimacy

3.3  Value

3.4  Objections

3.5  Which Confession?

3.6  Conclusion

3.7  References

4  The Subscription Debate and Its Relevance

4.1  Definitions

4.2  A Sketch of The Controversy

4.3  Relevance

4.4  Conclusion

4.5  References

5  Building Upon the Foundation

5.1  Word and Spirit

5.2  The Confession of Faith

5.3  Unresolved Issues

5.4  Conclusion

5.5  References


The 1689 Confession: Contents

1. The Holy Scriptures

2. God and The Holy Trinity

3. God's Decree

4. Creation

5. Divine Providence

6. The Fall, Sin, Punishment

7. God's Covenant

8. Christ The Mediator

9. Free Will

10. Effectual Calling

11. Justification

12. Adoption

13. Sanctification

14. Saving Faith

15. Repentance and Salvation

16. Good Works

17. The Perseverance of The Saints

18. Assurance of Salvation

19. The Law of God

20. The Gospel and Its Gracious Extent

21. Liberty and Conscience

22. Worship and The Sabbath

23. Lawful Oaths and Vows

24. The Civil Magistrate

25. Marriage

26. The Church

27. The Communion of Saints

28. Baptism and The Lord's Supper

29. Baptism

30. The Lord's Supper

31. Death and The Resurrection

32. The Last Judgement

Product Details

Title:  What Is A Confessional Church?

Author: Boon-Sing Poh

Publisher: Good News Enterprise

Pages: 152

Binding: Paperback

Size: 22.7 x 15.1 x 0.8 cm

ISBN: 9789839180596

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